1. Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model. Florida International University/Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, 08/01/2017-06/30/2019, $90,000, Subcontract.

  2. FPHL Model Operation and Maintenance, and Model Upgrades. Florida International University/Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, 12/09/2013-09/30/2017, $115,000, Subcontract.

  3. Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model Project Enhancements to Estimate Losses from Storm Surge and Flooding. Florida International University/Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, 01/01/2014-12/31/2017, $173,000, Subcontract.

  4. System Support for the Development & Simulation of Tropical Cyclone Numerical Models in a Cluster System. NOAA, 08/01/2007-09/30/2015, $154,535, PI.

  5. Data Integration and Data Mining Support for Tropical Cyclone Integrated Observing System. NOAA, 08/01/2007-09/30/2015, $154,535, PI.

  6. Data Mining Assisted Disaster Information Management for Effective Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Planning and Management. Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation, Service Science Society of Taiwan, 01/01/2014-12/31/2014, $3,400 (Total NT$300,000, about $10,000), Co-PI (Collaborator: Dr. Chi-Min Shu).

  7. Public Hurricane Model. Florida International University/Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, 02/01/2010-06/30/2013, $109,939, Subcontract.

  8. TCL Research America, gift funds, $80,000.

  9. Data Analysis and Near-Real-time Quality Control in Support of the International Argo Project. NOAA, 03/01/2008-06/30/2012, $102,500, PI.

  10. Research and Implementation of a Hydrographic Database in Support of the Operational and Research Community. NOAA, 08/15/2008-06/30/2012, $81,013, PI.

  11. Huawei (FutureWei Technologies, Inc.), gift funds, $15,840, 2008.

  12. Design and Development of the Caribbean-wide Reef Fish Visual Census Universal Database. NOAA, 02/04/2003-09/30/2010, $154,114, PI.

  13. Research and Development of Oracle Content Management System and Web Tools for the NOAA Southeast Coral Reef Research Program. NOAA, 01/15/2004-06/30/2009, $161,947, PI.

  14. Hurricane Loss Projection Model. Florida International University/Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, 01/09/2006-09/30/2009, $154,038, Subcontract.

  15. ITR: Collaborative Research: Distributed Information Fusion Networks for Threat Detection and Assessment. NSF ITR (Medium) IIS-0325260, 08/15/2003-07/31/2007, $399,647, Co-PI (PI: Kamal Premaratne).

  16. Research Experiences for Undergraduates. NSF, 05/03/04-07/31/04, $6,000, Co-PI (PI: Kamal Premaratne).

  17. Design and Development of the Florida Keys Coral Reef Ecological Assessment Universal Database. University of North Carolina/NOAA, 06/01/2005-05/31/2006, $20,000, Subcontract.

  18. Implementation of the NOAA Southeast Coral Reef Database System (SeCoRDS). NOAA, 02/10/2003-05/31/2004, $46,979, PI.

  19. Hurricane Risk and Insured Loss Projection Model, Florida International University/Florida Department of Insurance, 08/15/2002-09/01/2005, Amount: $ 81,531, Subcontract.

  20. Fishery Resource Habitat Use Modeling in Florida Bay: Development and Application to Everglades Restoration Implementation (Phase 1). National Park Service, 12/03/2003-06/03/2005, $21,581, Collaborating Investigator (PI: Jerald Ault), Total amount: $101,008.

  21. Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems Research Support. Florida International University/Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), 04/2004-12/28/2004, $5,000, Subcontract.

  22. Resource Management and Quality of Service in Multimedia Wireless Networks, Telecommunications & Information Technology Institute/Florida International University, 01/14/2002-12/31/2002, Amount: $ 58,606, Co-PI (Collaborators: Dr. Shu-Ching Chen and Dr. Raimund Ege).

  23. Reduction of OSHA Recordable Injuries in a Large Utility Company. Florida Power and Light, 6/2001-12/2001, Amount: $38,500, Senior Investigator (PI: Dr. S. Asfour).


  1. Examining the Heterogeneous Clinical Expression of Social Communication Disturbances in ASD, Miami CTSI Pilot Awards FY19, University of Miami, 11/01/2018-10/31/2019, Amount: $40,000, Co-I (PIs: Daniel Messinger and Lynn Perry).

  2. Large Scale Multimedia Semantic Information Retrieval via Multimedia Data Mining and Semantic Association Network, Provost Research Award, University of Miami, 06/01/2012-05/31/2013, Amount: $16,800, PI.

  3. Adaptive Network Transmission Control Mechanism for Optimal Resource Utilization, General Research Support Award, Research Council, University of Miami, 06/01/2002-05/31/2003, Amount: $ 5,000, PI.

  4. Aerodynamic Design Optimization with Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Search of Global Optimum, College of Engineering (CoE) Research Council, University of Miami, 2/1/2002-12/31/2002, Amount: $ 25,000, Co-PI (Collaborator: Dr. Gecheng Zha).

  5. Data Mining for Web Document Management. University of Miami, 05/16/2001-08/15/2001, Amount: $9,300, PI.

Dr. Mei-Ling Shyu

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01/2000-05/2005  Assistant Professor
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