Dianting Liu

A JavaScript homework

This was a homework I did in EEN568 Internet computing. The course was mainly for Java web developing.
Homework instruction:
Goal: The use of XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Create a math practice page for an elementary school. Be creative. Create hw3 link in your home page that links to an html document that displays a page that should include:
- form element to choose the arithmetic (addition,subtraction,multiplication, division)
- text fields to enter data
- an arithmetic sign depending on the entry chosen.
Use an external style sheet to make your page interesting. Be creative; remember it is for small children. When the answer is entered then the JavaScript should check if the answer is right. Give an appropriate message depending if the answer is correct or wrong. Include your JavaScript as a separate file. Give the option to have the answered timed. So the student can try to beat his own time answering problems.
Click here to play:)

Matrix Factorization

A Simple Tutorial and Implementation in Python
Recommendations can be generated by a wide range of algorithms. While user-based or item-based collaborative filtering methods are simple and intuitive, matrix factorization techniques are usually more effective because they allow us to discover the latent features underlying the interactions between users and items.

Bash tutorial

Starters should go over part 1, part 2, part 3, part 5.18, part 5.19, part 5.20, and part 5.24

Delpoy jsp on Tomcat

Create a new folder (e.g. test) under "webapps" folder.
Put the jsp file (e.g. tictactoe.jsp) into test folder.
Generate a new folder under test folder christed "WEB-INF"(mandatory).
Strat tomcat.
Open browser(e.g. IE or FireFox) and input in to address bar.
You can see your jsp there.